Why Finding Good Video Production Services in Utah is Harder Than You Think

Individuals always think a quality video service is just around the corner when they need one. Whether it’s a wedding, event, or for a business, many people seek video services for different reasons. Not just any video service, they seek quality companies such as Digital Bytes. However, what you might not know, is the search for a quality video production company is extremely difficult.

Many people aren’t prepared for the long search for a good production service in Utah, with many production companies failing to have a higher quality or professional service. This puts people in a frenzy, but don’t worry! We have put together the ultimate guide to help you find good video production Utah.

Qualities to Look For

Before you waste any time trying to find the optimum video service, there are important qualities you need to look for. These qualities will ensure the company you choose is reliable and excellent at what they do. These are the qualifying factors:

Proven Track Record and Portfolio

If the company holds little to no track record, then they either produce unsatisfactory work, or they haven’t produced many videos. Video companies who are brand new usually won’t have a sufficient track record yet. This doesn’t mean they aren’t good, it just means they are less experienced. In other scenarios, if the company has been around a while and has little to no track record, steer clear!

A proven track record is company credibility, such as who they have produced videos for, customer feedback, and examples. This can also be seen as a portfolio; you want to ensure you can view their past projects, clients, and impressive moments of experience.

Timely and Professional

No one ever wants to work with a company that is unprofessional. A quality video production service will be professional online, over the phone, in person, during the video process, and once the product is finished.

Additionally, being timely comes with being professional, you want a company who is going to deliver timely responses and final product delivery. A company who values you and your investment in them, will deliver the finished product early or on time.


When dealing with video production, transparency is huge! You want to make sure their work will reflect the desires and values of you or your business. If they aren’t willing to deliver what you asked for, you will have wasted your money. A good video production company will present you a proposal that includes your visions and values in the project.

How To Find A Good and Reliable Video Production Company

Now you know what a quality video production service looks like, you’re almost set to go! Just because you know the qualities a production company should have, doesn’t mean you’re going to find one without knowing how. Find out how to find a good and reliable production company below:

Look For Client Testimonials

Now that you know a track record or portfolio is essential to finding a good company, you just need to know how to find those qualities. Easy! Simply go to their website and go to the “about us” page or look for “testimonials”. If they don’t have these options on their website, search the Internet for the company’s name and look for any customer reviews and ratings from sites such as Google reviews, or Yelp.

Request A Proposal

If the company doesn’t already provide a proposal immediately after you discuss with them what you want, then you need to request one. This ensures they respect your visions and requests, by being transparent. It also helps assure you that they will hold to these expectations. On another note, usually the price of a proposal is the fixed price, so you will know exactly what you’re investing without any hidden or extra fees.

Call Today

Digital Bytes has served video production Utah residents have come to rely upon. They hold every quality a good and reliable video service should hold, and much more. Call today!


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