While a picture can tell a thousand words, a video can tell an entire story.

Video production is a growing field with countless agencies out there. So how do you sorting through the amateur videographers and seasoned professionals?

It is commonly known that consumer attention is turning increasingly to visual and digital stimuli. For this reason, choosing the right video production provider can be essential to your brand’s success. But before you get the lights, camera, and action going, you need to know what to look for to get the most out of your investment.

If you’re looking to hire a Utah video production provider, make sure you scout for the following characteristics.

1.   Full-Service Capability

While many companies claim to be full service, few actually live up to this credential. Truly full-service providers are able to take your video projects from the planning stage to production, and all the way through to delivery. Having an in-house team of post-production video editors and a studio equipped with the latest software is key to timely and cohesive delivery.

Before choosing a Utah video production company, ask about their process and whether or not they outsource post-production tasks. At Digital Bytes, for example, we have a team of experienced editors who are trained with the latest technologies to complete your project from start to finish.

In addition to post-production capabilities, look into the different services offered. This can give you insight on whether they have the expertise needed to complete specific aspects of your project. Many companies specialize in a specific genre, whether it be commercials, marketing clips, or something else. This could limit the company’s ability to provide quality results if your needs fall outside of their expertise.

At Digital Bytes, we offer a wide range of services so that we can cater to unique project requirements. Some of our top services include multi-camera live/streaming capabilities, color grading, VFX, photography, and more.

2.   Collaboration

Video marketing is a creative representation of your brand, so why shouldn’t you be involved throughout the process? Choosing a Utah video production provider that believes in collaboration can ensure that your vision turns into a reality. From the first meeting where your project is a mere idea to the final cut where everything comes together, a good video production provider will always cater their expertise to your unique needs and vision.

Some companies do not allow clients anywhere near the post-production editing process, and simply deliver a finished product without any input. At Digital Bytes, however, we believe that our clients should be involved every step of the way. Not only do we encourage open communication, but we encourage clients to come into our studio and sit in on their edits. This allows you, the client, to provide any feedback necessary, and us, the providers, to create the best quality work possible to meet your specific goals.

3.   Talent

While this one may seem like it should go without saying, video producers need creative talent and a portfolio to back it.

Today, almost anyone with a smartphone can claim to be a videographer or producer, and there are countless companies that pose as professionals when in fact they lack the experience and talent needed to create quality work. To avoid accidentally hiring an amateur Utah video production company, ask to see their portfolio before signing the bottom line.

When reviewing a company’s portfolio, check what kind of projects they’ve created in the past and if they’ve specialized on one specific type of video or they’ve created a variety of works. Companies that have varied experience tend to be most reliable and trustworthy, as they’ve already established a professional reputation in the industry.

The best companies also have a team of talented professionals. This team often consists of a videographer, editor, director, and producer. Checking to see what kind of equipment and software the company works with can also tell you whether they stay up to date with the latest technology, or whether they’ve fallen behind modern trends.

At Digital Bytes, our expert team of editors, talented producers, and visual artists can help turn your ideas into top-quality productions. We combine state of the art technology with years of industry expertise to produce works you’ll love to watch and we’ll be proud to create.

If you’re looking for a Utah video production company you can trust, contact us today to get your project rolling!