Digital Bytes Utah Video Production & Design

While the rise of Smartphones has made capturing video a more accessible task than ever before for the average person, the production of video for corporate and professional use continues to be best serviced by industry professionals.

Whether looking to produce broadcast commercials, photography, or video-editing services, Digital Bytes is Salt Lake City’s rising company of experts when it comes to providing quality video production services.

With the emergence of new and exciting digital technologies also comes the expectation of quality content that meets high standards of watchability and professionalism.

What else do you need to know about Utah video production services in less than a thousand words?

What We Can Do

Companies aiming to be industry leaders in Utah video production need to be able to offer more than just basic production services. Digital Bytes is a fully-fledged video production and design company that is capable of meeting all production and design needs for individuals and businesses of all sizes.


Our company is able provide professional, high-quality services mastered through extensive study and experience. Quality photography requires a competent eye and the expertise of experts that know how to adequately grant attention to the finest details and needs of every shot.

Editorial Design

Editorial design pays attention to the essential aspect of storytelling within video production. Additional processes and services offered in the editing department include professional color grading – which requires the utilization of top-grade editing tools – as well as VFX, i.e. visual effects.

Multi Camera Live Event/Streaming

Live-streaming events has become an increasingly relevant tool in our present culture in order to capture the energy of the moment. However, for professional or corporate use, this requires more than a Smartphone; rather, it requires the collaboration of top-grade broadcast technology with the learned ability of a small crew to work efficiently under the pressure of live broadcast. This is a specialty service of Digital Bytes, as one that has been perfected by our team through years of experience.

The Process of Video Production

Digital Bytes video production possesses a multi-talented team of visual artists, editorial designers, producers, and directors to provide our clients with high-quality services that blow other companies out of the water.  Through a gradual but comprehensive accumulation of knowledge over our time within the industry, our team has developed a foolproof process that ensures every project we take on results in work our both we and our clients can take pride in.


Initial meetings with our clients is an essential part of the process, as we are able to comprehend the individual needs of each project. This allows us to provide services that effectively match your vision of what you want through our services.


This step involves a high degree of creativity on our part through the utilization of the most innovative industry technologies. Furthermore, we have on hand a number of different cameras and devices in order to find those that best suit the needs of each project.

Post-Production & Delivery

Post-production is a creative and collaborative experience between our company and clients. We fine-tune the details of your product in order to ensure you receive content that is engaging. Delivery, or distribution, of your product through whatever means requested serves as the final step of the process.

Serving a Variety of Clients

If you take a look at our portfolio, you can see the diversity of industries for which we are able to service. Video has a special power to communicate messages effectively no matter what the primary purpose of a business or organization is, and we make it our job as video production experts to lend our expertise as needed.

Contact us today if you want to work with a video production company that is committed to providing innovative, creative, and quality services for its clients.