How Video Production Changed Our Lives in the Past 20 Years

The Evolution of Video Production Over the Last Two Decades

It can be argued that, although the technology within the industry of video production has certainly advanced since the 1990s, the values within production have remained the same. Despite cultural shifts in the kind of messaging that is prioritized, the primary purpose is to create and share stories that are aching to be told.

However, taking note of the technological and other advancements within the industry—particularly as they have contributed to the development of quality Utah video production—is still worthwhile. To understand our present and future endeavors within video production, it is important to acknowledge some of the industry’s roots, as well as the strides the industry has been able to make since.

Doing so allows both creators and consumers to recognize just how impactful video production has been on their lives.

The Process of Creating Video Has Changed

Although mere viewers of video—that is, those that solely watch and do not produce it themselves— may not actively think about how changes in video production technology has affected the way they watch and interpret video, it is certainly a consideration of those within the production industry.

Advancements with Cameras

Professional video production companies certainly have not shifted entirely to the use of Smartphones as their primary video-capturing devices, but the introduction of smaller cameras and video-capturing devices has undoubtedly changed the way producers are able to tell stories.

Smaller, less-clunky cameras boasting an increasing number of intricate features allows producers to engage in storytelling that is more intimate and realistic. The decreased need for million-dollar cameras in order to tell engaging stories has also decreased equipment costs. Editing can be done with the smaller devices that have emerged on the market, allowing for more budget-friendly video production for both individual video creators and professional production companies.

Shorter Development Times

Where the development process of corporate video production used to last between eight to ten weeks on average, it’s much more likely these days to last a mere three to five. This may be attributed to technological advancements of the equipment used, as well as demands of distributors as a reaction to pressure from the public. Viewers are eager for their content, and producers are eager to make content that will appease this demand promptly.

Changes in Distribution Affect Our Interpretations

The emergence of a number of different video distribution methods and video-sharing venues has also greatly impacted the way videos are perceived. Video, including that which is produced through means of corporate video production, is now commonly distributed online on several different major mediums, including social media platforms.

Shorter-Length Videos

Videos have also generally become shorter overall—referred to some industry professionals as “snackable content”. Videos are produced to be entertaining with messages that can be conveyed at a fast-moving pace in order to maintain viewers’ attention. Videos—whether shot at home or in a professional studio—may be shared on Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, and other popular sites in small increments.

Three, four, five-minute videos are shot to convey desired meaning for audiences that are no longer willing to watch videos of longer length. Therefore, for some, this may be interpreted as a need for storytellers to be more on their game than ever.

How Has All of This Changed Our Lives?

The significant changes that have occurred in the development and distribution of video within the industry affects everyone—both viewer and producer.

For Those Who Watch Video

For viewers, the kind of content we wish to see has been shaped by these developments. Many viewers prefer the “snackable content” pervading social media and other accessible venues, as well as videos that are able to convey messages that people feel are significant within present culture. Changes in the distribution of video has also arguably made video more accessible not just domestically, but globally as well.

For Producers of Video

For producers, the evolution of video production has introduced a world of new opportunities for how videos can be made, just as it has also perhaps increased pressure. Demand and the expectations for quality content by the masses is high, which makes fine-tuning each detail of video production more essential than ever.

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