If you’re looking up different production companies and facilities, it is easy to get lost in the numbers. There are a lot of options out there that offer similar services, so how can you tell which company will be the best option?

There are several things you can consider when you are comparing video production companies in order to decide on the ideal option, including experience, knowledge of the field, availability, and commitment. As the first Salt Lake City video production company, at Digital Bytes, we believe our agency is a considerable example of what separates a great video production company from just a solid one.

Here are 4 things that separate great video production companies from solid video production companies:

1.   An experienced production team.

This one may seem self-explanatory, but a company’s past experience really is an important thing to consider. A great video production company will know the ins and outs of their field and be able to deliver a top quality final product to their clients.

Rookie mistakes are rookie mistakes for a reason – production companies that are more experienced will know not to make them. As a video production company, Digital Bytes has delivered a lot of work in the Salt Lake City, UT area. Because of our talents in design and camera work, our clients trust us completely to handle their projects efficiently and professionally.

2.   A great video production company is familiar with all aspects of video creation, production, and delivery.

Finding an experienced production team that is not only familiar with the planning, scheduling, and shooting of a video, but also familiar (and involved) with all the aspects in post production?

That’s the dream.

The advantage to a production company knowing about each step in the process is that the whole process will flow much more smoothly. There won’t be any concerns or worries about if the project is ready to go on to the next step or not because a great production company team will know exactly how to go about it.

Digital Bytes has team members that have an impressive amount of combined experience in every aspect of photography and video production. Because our agency handles the editorial process, we are able to plan ahead with our shooting to ensure the final product not only looks great frame by frame but also cuts together beautifully.

3.   Great production companies are ready to meet with you to discuss your project before dropping a quote on you.

A solid production company may offer standard fees based on the project requirements and special requests, but a great production company will take the time to meet their clients, so they can get to know the proposed project and offer an individualized quote. This shows how much the company cares about setting up a positive client relationship from the outset, which is incredibly helpful and supportive later on.

Our Salt Lake City video production facility is always ready to organize a personal meeting with a potential client to discuss their video project, even if it is merely an idea at first. Every great thing starts with an idea. We are truly interest in every project, no matter how challenging, which is what makes us so successful.

4.   A great production company will be committed to making your final project look amazing.

A great production company is willing to work with you the whole time to ensure you are happy with it. But often, a solid production company may be having a busy week and be working on other projects at the same time as yours. Unfortunately, that means they might not be able to give their full attention to your project.

At Digital Bytes, we dedicate all our creativity and effort into every project that we work on. This level of commitment and professionalism is what every video production company should strive to achieve. We ensure that our clients are informed at all times on where the project is at, and we are prepared to incorporate client notes at any point during the production process. Our willingness to cooperate with our clients helps the clients feel secure in knowing that their dream video will turn out exactly as they had hoped.

As a video production company, we have built up a satisfied client base thanks to our experience, professional work ethic, and attention to detail in each of our final products. If you are looking for a great video production company in the Salt Lake City area, call today – our creative team won’t let you down.