A Look Back at the Evolution of Film Production in Utah

Utah has a diverse economy, and film is surprisingly a large part of it. Utah is home to many registered film crew members and vendors, and film production in Utah brings in a large amount of economic activity to the state.

When thinking about film production, people don’t usually think of Utah straight away. Places like Hollywood, Los Angeles, or New York are more likely to come to mind first. However, Utah has proven itself to have a lot to offer the world of film production. Utah’s film industry has been steadily growing, but like everything else in the world, it had to start somewhere.

The Beginning – Filming Incentives

While California was doing well with the film industry, places like Canada were quickly snatching up business due to their appealing filming incentives. Other states saw the threat in this and began instituting their own incentives, Utah was still doing quite well and decided to pass on the first wave of incentive programs. After all, Utah’s beautiful landscape and proximity to Los Angeles were two very big benefits.

Eventually, despite the undeniable draws and convenience of producing films in Utah, the state had to join the club and create their own film incentives to keep film business coming in. Although Utah was late to incorporating an incentives program, they still sported other benefits that helped them keep getting business. For example, Utah is a non-union right-to-work state, so production companies from California who didn’t want to deal with union issues could easily produce a film in nearby Utah.

Film production in Utah is also well showcased by the Sundance Film Festival, which brings a lot of attention to the area. This festival has been a good way for the state to show visiting production companies their vast production resources, locations database, and equipment houses. Utah ended up getting its own incentive program in 2011, which significantly added to its film production business. This was put off for so long due to Utah’s diverse economy; the state does not solely rely upon film business, but it is still an important part of their economy.

Film Production in Modern Utah

Thanks to the film incentives instituted by the state, new production companies and studios have been able to form, grow, and gain experience in the industry. While the incentive program is still smaller compared to some other states, it is a solid start. Film production services such as VFX, editorial design, photography, distribution, and many others have been able to flourish.

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