It is not uncommon for businesses, especially smaller companies, to wonder if hiring a film production company is worth it. You may feel that your website has everything it needs content-wise already, so why invest in a video? Well, depending on the type of video and your specific business, a film production company can greatly benefit your business. Here are some of the basic types of videos your company could put out there:

         Introductory videos

These are a way to introduce and promote your business to potential clients with a personal touch.

         Instructional videos

Instructional videos are shorter and aim to make sure your potential customer knows that you are the go-to company for any of their issues.

         Product videos

This type aims to highlight new products, services, or simply promote already existing products.

         Personal videos

These give your website visitors a more insightful look at the behind the scenes of your business and can help create interest in your company.

A film production company can help your business create a versatile, modern advertisement for your company utilizing some of the most profitable digital marketing tools around. Here are 5 ways a film production company can benefit your business:

1.   Videos Can Help You Stand Out Against Your Competition.

Creating a memorable brand is a key factor in growing your business in 2018. A film production company in Salt Lake City can help you stand out from your competition by helping to showcase your brand as a unique competitor and something that is not easily forgotten.

2.   Video Boosts Sales.

Even a simple product video on the landing page of your website can have a significant impact on your conversions and sales.People are more likely to make a purchase after viewing an informational video as they will feel more confident and that they understand the product better.

3.   Your Business Will Gain a Wider Reach.

Video marketing gives your business the opportunity to access more traffic through other websites such as YouTube and Vimeo. These videos can also be shared easily, therefore getting you some free traffic. At Digital Bytes, we specialize in marketing videos and all kinds of other video production services – contact us today!

4.   Videos Could Even Raise Your Website Ranking.

When an online visitor willingly views one of your videos, their amount of time spent on your website increases. These longer exposures signal to search engines that your website has quality content, and therefore may rank it higher in their search engine rankings.

5.   Videos Build Trust.

Trust is a necessary building block in order to obtain any sales for your company. If a customer does not trust you, they will take their business elsewhere. By building trust with your customers or potential clients, you can create long term relationships that positively impact your company. A film production company can produce a video that is engaging and has the ability to ignite emotions and promote your brand.