who we are - db sign

We all have our ‘elevator speech’ down pat and well-rehearsed. A few sentences to describe our company’s video production services and capabilities. Easily done.

But how to convey the essence of who we are in a single sentence? How about a mere seven words? Not such a piece of cake. I was tasked with boiling Digital Bytes down to a single tagline recently, as we revamped our website and strived to keep the text on the site to a bare minimum. I needed to, very concisely, describe exactly what it is that makes us tick.

I started with what truly gives us a thrill. The most satisfaction. Is it the money? Certainly not. None of us chose this profession to get rich. (Those who did were definitely misinformed) Is it the relationships? Surely. We definitely value our long-term connections that we’ve cultivated over time. We never have gone for the quick buck but rather we’re in it for the long haul. Our clients are ultimately our friends.

But I believe the biggest thrill we get is when our clients are absolutely thrilled with the finished product we’ve produced for them. That’s what gets us out of bed in the morning, so to speak.

Often, our clients come to us with a mere idea. An outline on a piece of paper, a vision still in the embryotic state. We take that spark of an idea and bring it to life. We skillfully do our pre-production, we beautifully capture the footage and then we piece it all together like the seasoned storytellers we are. Back when things weren’t done so remotely, the big payoff was the beaming smile of a client in the edit bay as we screened the final cut together. Nowadays it’s an email telling us we’ve knocked it out of the park after they have viewed the file. The ‘thank you,’ the ‘wow!’ It’s also the reward of repeat business for years to come because we’ve taken such wonderful care of a client’s ‘baby.’ We made them shine.

It was right there all along, hiding in plain sight. So simple. Seven words. The essence of who we are: WE EXIST TO MAKE YOU LOOK GOOD.