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Here at Digital Bytes, we pride ourselves in being the trusted Utah live event production company.

We have had the privilege of serving the community of Salt Lake City and the state Utah for many years and look forward to serving this community for many more years to come. With the combined experience of our staff, we offer unparalleled professional production services for citizens all over the state of Utah.

Whether you are looking for quality video production for a live event or corporate gathering, we specialize in producing the very best this state has to offer.

We help turn companies into brands recognizable throughout the state and the nation. Those who require live event production and promotional services to not only make an event happen but see it either grow your business or wow your viewers should call us today for a quote and start strategizing your next great event today!

• Live Event

Live Event Production Company | Digital Bytes

Our live event production service will transform your gathering into a professionally made, ready for tv event.

We provide all the necessary tools and equipment needed to put on a high-level production. Our clients get to cut costs while saving time and energy by letting us pave the way for their production needs. This allows our clients to focus on what is necessary – carrying out a meaningful corporate event production that will impact their attendees, viewers, and future growth of their company.

We provide all the necessary technical equipment needed to create a professional live event. We will handle equipment needs and provide technical support at the event.

Our technical directors will assist event holders and presenters with lighting and music cues, visual aids, and sound support for events wishing to hold live musical performances.

You focus on delivering the great content you always intended to present and we will add the professionally produced appearance it deserves. For musicians or bands, take the time you need to provide your best performance and will make sure you sound and look great in the process.

o Staging and Set Design: Props and stage presence speak volumes to what is being presented or performed. Adding clever props and lighting effects will draw your audience in and supplement the mood of the event or performance. For live music, adding lighting effects and props will dramatically change the concert and provide an amazing experience for your audience.

At Digital Byte, we can handle it all for you.

o Other Technical Support: In addition to live event video production, we also provide photography to capture special moments during the event as well as provide picture taking services for guests.

We provide live event streaming and give you the option for multiple camera angles to keep viewers engaged and enhance the look of the event. Our editorial staff is here to help make any last-minute changes as well as provide meaningful input into any changes that need to be made ahead of the event.

Visual Effects Services

Through the power of visual effects nothing is impossible. Limitless expressive possibilities allow creative thinkers to bring to fruition whatever their heart desires. Our visual effects staff and studio are here to help you create something you did not think would be possible on your own. Visual effects allow us to create an uncompromised world devoid of tacky and unprofessionally made attempts at virtual reality.

We employ all the latest software and rendering services to provide top of the line VFX creations. There is no need to spend your own time and money on this type of equipment or training. Just call us or go online today for a quote and get started on your next virtual adventure.

o Benefits to Utilizing VFX: The first reason has already been stated – you can enjoy boundless possibilities for the video you want to create.

Beyond that, visual effects potentially add prestige to your message or your brand. Whether it is putting your brand on the side of a race car during an event or showing it etched into a majestic mountainside, there are great opportunities awaiting the promotion of your business or event through the aid of VFX.

Color Grading Services

Color gives us the ability to add meaning to our videos and aid our viewers in seeing the meaning we wish to convey.

Color Grading Services - Digital Bytes

Color grading is different than color correction, which is adjusting the color to match the actual coloring of the event. Color grading is a post-production process that allows us to enhance the look and feel of the video. It allows us to adjust the color to fit the content of the video. For example, a noir style film might best be conveyed in a grayscale or a flashback would look really poignant in a sepia filter.

• Editorial Design Services

The event went off without a hitch and everything that needed to be captured was recorded on video. Now, it is time to transform that video into a production your clients or viewers will love to watch over and over again.

Carefully editing video production is a crucial task and should be part of every post-production process. We will also take footage you have recorded yourself and provide editing services to transform that video.

There are many aspects to editing video production. From lighting and color grading to putting together several camera angles and timing to coherently convey the event on film. Our editorial designers are experienced in taking raw footage and transforming it into a masterpiece you will be proud of.

Our services will provide your company or event with all the tools needed. There is a major difference simply recording a video for an event so that people can see what happened and creating a winsome production that will wow and amaze viewers and clients.

If you are looking for a production that will transform your live event and promote your business as a leading brand then call us at Digital Bytes today and experience the best quality in video and event production Utah has to offer.