Live Event Production Company

Utah has been a leader in the film production industry for decades. Our landscapes are breathtaking, we get all four seasons in the year, and the cities are clean and not overly populated. All of these elements make video production appealing in Salt Lake City. Events turn out beautifully and people are pleased with the results.

While the natural backdrop of Salt Lake is beautiful, it’s important that key players are in place for your video production needs. The right live event production company will know how to work with the setting,lighting and editing of your project after it’s been filmed.There are many live event production companies in Salt Lake City and it’s important to find the right one for your project.

The Right Fit

We know you’re shopping around and we appreciate you’ve come to see our site. You’re looking for the best production company for you and we want to help. When looking for an event production company, it’s useful to know their story and background. The following items are important to us, so we offer these tips to our prospective customers. We want to share them with you so that you make the best decision for your vision.

  •         Looking at their website, do you see their work? This is important because it gives you a feel for the videos they do in contrast to what you’re looking for. On our website, we have samples of our work here.This way, our potential customers can see right away our production style and can get an idea of the work they can expect from Digital Bytes.
  •         Do they take care of video editing? A live event production company will likely take care of your editing needs. You can know if you like their editing style by watching a few sample videos. If you like the way their cuts and color editing look, that’s a plus!
  •         Are they willing to work with your vision? While any live event production company in Salt Lake City can do the job, be sure that they are willing to bring your vision to life. After all, this is your project and you want it done right.

Our Company

We are Digital Bytes Production and Design. We are Utah’s finest production and post-production facilities. Our years of experience, professionals and state-of-the art equipment give us the upper hand on video production. From streaming, designing, producing, editing and distribution, we are the most complete live event production company in Utah.

Our biggest desire is simply to bring your vision to life in a beautiful and professional way. We want you to have a product you’re proud of and that your customers are wowed by. We believe in the beauty of visual arts and treat every project as a master piece.

Our experience in video has allowed us to remain confident over the years. We know what we’re doing, and we know we do it well. Still, we remain humble in our industry and continue to follow trends in order to learn as technology improves.

Our Video Services

We specialize in broadcast commercial, corporate sales, marketing, training and recognition videos, as well as trade show presentations. Additionally, we do multi-camera live events and streaming.

We also offer post-production services since we like to keep everything under one roof. Once we receive your project, we see it through until the end. We want you to relax and know that your vision will come together smoothly and professionally.

The Right Budget

The budget for your project will vary according to your needs. Luckily, we have a camera for every budget. There’s no project too big or too small for us—what matters is that your vision is produced as you wish and within budget. If you’re unsure about what your budget will be, we offer a free quote. Just fill out your information and scope of project here.


Over the years, we’ve created movie magic for individuals and businesses. We’re confident that we can help you with your project. If for any reason our efforts as a company don’t match with your project, we’ll be 100% honest with you from the start.

Get in Touch!

Contact us today for a free quote! Our team is standing by to help and is eager to bring your vision to life. We’re also available by phone, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Mountain Time. Give us a call today!