Salt Lake City Video Production

The initial startup of any company can be a long, difficult road. Production companies, for example, have a particularly hard time starting up due to the amount of creativity and resources that are required for it to take off. A young production facility can struggle at first with making a name for itself without the additional financial resources of the well-known larger companies.

So how are these newer companies able to break into the industry? Since they don’t have access to the aforementioned resources, they need to rely solely on their own creativity and skills.

Our team at Digital Bytes have the ability to take on a video project of any size, and we aim to pave the road for future production companies in the area. By combining our talented designers and experienced producers and directors, we have worked to show that being new doesn’t necessarily put us at a disadvantage.

How Our Team at Digital Bytes Can Help

We understand that the costs to hire a video production company can quickly pile up. That’s why at Digital Bytes, we provide the whole range of video production services, so you don’t have to hire multiple agencies to complete your project.

Here in Salt Lake City, we offer a variety of services that our designers are proficient in, including:


         Editorial design

         Multi camera setups for live events

         Creative services

         Color grading



This diverse range of services allows our production company to handle every part of the process in-house, saving both time and money.

What You Should Expect from Our Video Production Services

What really brings a project together and ensures that it gets delivered on time is a strategic, efficient workflow. Digital Bytes is able to excel in the video production field thanks to our specifically engineered process flow to ensure a high-quality product in a reasonable amount of time.

Step 1: Planning

One of the things that contributes to our company’s success is our ability to make a professional, finished project from the smallest idea in the planning stage. This first meeting is where all the inspiration for the final product is drawn from, making it an integral part of our process.

Step 2: Shooting

Our production company utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to shoot the best quality videos possible for each of our projects. The equipment used may change depending on the type of shoot and creative look that the director is going for, but thankfully all of that is sorted out during the planning phase.

Step 3: Post Production

Post production encompasses everything from editing to color grading and even adding in potential VFX shots.

Step 4: Delivery

The modern world is incredibly technology driven, which means there are all kinds of crazy file formats and requirements out there. Our team at Digital Bytes has the expertise to ensure that we can deliver any type of file format.

It is said that a video is made three times: the first time it is conceived and written, the second time during shooting, and the third time during editing in post production. At Digital Bytes, our team takes each client’s project seriously in all three stages of video production. To get started on your next Salt Lake City video production project, contact us today! We are eager to work closely with new partners to learn and grow as much as we can.